Leader Coaching with TailorMade Executive is designed specifically for individuals in executive leadership roles, or those who aspire to them. Grounded in the very best leadership, behavioral and personality theory, we assist leaders in developing the specific mindsets and behaviors they need for success in their roles. Ours is an immersive, confidential, one-on-one consulting experience that pinpoints specific strengths and challenges, aligns competencies with aspirations, and creates a pragmatic method for the creation of meaningful habits for leadership effectiveness.

Leader Coaching empowers high-potential individuals to:

  • Develop

    objective self-awareness around your personality and professional strengths and challenges.

  • Elevate

    your effectiveness by developing leadership-related mindsets and behaviors tailored to your needs and context.

  • Enhance

    your influence by leveraging your unique talent intentionally, based on a plan aligned with your needs and goals.

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