What is TailorMade Executive?

TailorMade Executive is a Leadership Advisory firm. We provide highly customized leadership development and advisory services for decision-makers. Founded in 2007, the firm’s mission is to combine expertise in human personality and behavior with the best leadership theory for a practical method to help leaders reach their full potential.

What do you do for clients?

We assist decision-makers and their teams to develop themselves in order to lead with greater impact and effectiveness. Our balanced and highly personalized approach aligns personality and competency with performance outcomes for more effective leadership. We address the whole person, uniting a sound view of the individual with the very best in leadership theory.

Who are your clients?

Our clients, both private and corporate, are from many different types of industries. They are typically:

  • High potential leaders and/or their teams who want to develop their leadership talent, or current executives who wish to improve and refine their effectiveness in a specific area of competency (vision, execution, communication, executive presence, etc.).
  • High achieving individuals who are undergoing important professional and/or personal transitions.
  • Leadership teams who wish to choose and develop highly effective leadership talent.
  • Individuals who understand the importance of investing in their growth, who are coachable, and capable of embracing an ongoing process for effective change.
  • Organizations or groups seeking keynoting on topics related to leadership, excellence in performance, behavior modification, and creating productive corporate culture.

Are you a search firm?

No. We often advise clients on the selection of executives for leadership roles, but we do not provide search services.

How do you manage client confidentiality?

We maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality with our clients. Each client is required to sign a binding Confidentiality Agreement when retaining our services. A sample agreement is available upon request.

How do I become a client?

We take exceptional care in ensuring that we are the right fit for potential clients. For more information on our services and approach, please call us at 404.857.0661 or email us at [email protected].