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The Approach

Grounded in tested leadership theory, TailorMade Executive employs a practical approach to leadership development. We assist our clients in aligning their unique personalities and competencies with their professional and personal aspirations, improving the key mindsets and behaviors related to effective leadership.

The Services

TailorMade Executive develops highly effective leaders by focusing on three essential service areas: Leader Coaching, Leader Succession and Talent Selection, and Leadership Team Workshops. Select individuals and organizations hire us for engagements that vary in length and complexity, depending on the specific needs of the client. We develop each relationship in an environment of established trust and strict confidentiality.


Leader Coaching grows the learned mindsets and behaviors which foster effective leadership. Building on a firm foundation of self-awareness and self-discovery, clients align their unique talent, personalities, and competencies with specific personal and professional opportunities or challenges.

Leader Succession &
Talent Selection

Our approach to Leader Succession and Talent Selection is comprehensive and data-driven to ensure success. Through our process, we are able to provide candidate profiles and recommendations based on an array of data points that will increase the likelihood for long term success.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team Workshops are designed to provide your team with custom guidance in order to further develop the skills and abilities needed to function as a high-performing team. You can expect to leave TME workshops with tools and actionable items that take your team to the next level.

About TME

With more than twenty-five years of experience in executive leadership development, James Larson founded TailorMade Executive in 2007 to bring a highly personalized, integral approach to individuals who wish to reach their full potential, both professionally and personally. He has developed hundreds of leaders at different stages of their growth across various industries, serving corporate and private clients that range from the Fortune 50, non-profit, and governmental to smaller, privately held concerns.

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